My goal as a piano teacher is to cultivate well-rounded and functional musicians. I train my students in areas of technique, sight reading, accompanying, improvisation, and theory. My students learn to play repertoire of varying styles and genres such as classical, pop, jazz, art song, opera, choral, instrumental chamber music, and musical theatre. Ultimately, I seek to foster a lifelong enjoyment of music-making.


Studio Policies

Duration and Tuition  

There are three semesters in a year. Fall Semester runs September through December. Spring Semester runs January through April. Summer Semester runs May through August. 

Fall and Spring Semesters 

  • $400 per semester ($100 a month):  Twelve 30 minute lessons + 1 make up lesson + formal recital
  • $600 per semester ($150 a month): Twelve 60-minute lessons +1 make up lesson + formal recital

Summer Semester:

  • $400 per semester ($100 a month): Twelve 30-minute lessons + flexible make-up lessons + formal recital
  • $600 per semester ($150 a month): Twelve 60-minute lessons + flexible make-up lessons + formal recital


Tuition is paid in four monthly installments within the first week of every month. Invoices will be sent via email with a due date. Lessons may be terminated if tuition significantly falls behind. At times, there may be some materials that will need to be purchased. I will write any requests in the student's notebook.  


Prompt attendance is essential. Time will not be given to accommodate late arrivals. Every effort is made in the studio to stay on schedule.  If a student is unable to attend their registered 12 lessons, I will make up one lesson at the end of the semester. If a student is unable to attend multiple lessons, please switch schedules with another student. Lessons cancelled by me will always made up at a mutually convenient time.


Students are required to participate in a recital at the end of each semester. In addition, students may participate in other local music events when they arise, such as MTNA competitions, AIM Evaluations, piano camps and masterclasses hosted by universities and other local events.

Parent Participation

For students under the age of 18, parents must attend all private lessons. A student’s success in music studies depends on the involvement of the parent. Parents should show interest in students' progress, support them with a positive attitude, and encourage them to practice and perform. Parents should supervise the personalized practice assignments I include in the students' notebook at each lesson. I encourage parents to speak with me about any concerns or questions.   

At the studio  

Students should make every effort to arrive on time. Students should be prepared for the lesson, bringing their assignment notebook and assigned music books.  Online students should have their technology settings calibrated before the lesson starts.


Regular lesson attendance and practicing outside of lessons is necessary for consistent progress. Students are expected to practice at least six days per week, at a mutually-agreed-upon amount of time each day. The emphasis of practice should be on quality of the practice, not just on the time spent. The amount of daily practice time needed for students to accomplish their practice goals will increase as their skill level increases. In addition to assigned technique and repertoire, students should also complete assigned written theory homework.

  • Preparatory Levels: 15 minutes each day
  • Beginner: 30 minutes each day
  • Intermediate: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours each day
  • Advanced: 1-3 hours each day

Photography, Video, and Publicity 

The instructor reserves the right to use photos and videos taken during lessons, classes, and events. Photographs and videos featuring registered students are considered eligible for publication or public use unless the students or parent/guardian of the student submit a request for non-use in writing prior to the date when the photograph or video appears.