As a dedicated piano educator, my objective is to develop well-rounded, proficient musicians. I provide comprehensive training in technique, sight reading, accompaniment, improvisation, and music theory. My students are exposed to a diverse repertoire encompassing classical, pop, jazz, art songs, opera, choral works, instrumental chamber music, and musical theatre. Ultimately, my goal is to cultivate a lifelong passion for music-making.



Studio Policies Agreement 

Updated for Fall 2024 

Semester, Tuition and Payment  

1. Semester Schedule: 

   ○ Fall Semester: September - December 

   ○ Spring Semester: January - April 

   ○ Summer Semester: May - August 

2. Tuition Cost: 

   ○ $400 per semester. Tuition includes twelve 30-minute lessons, one make-up lesson, and a formal recital. 

   ○ $600 per semester. Tuition includes twelve 60-minute lessons, one make-up lesson, and a formal recital. 

3. Payment Structure: 

   ○ Tuition is paid in full at the beginning of the semester. 

   ○ Financing is available through PayPal Pay Later.

   ○ New students starting mid-semester will be charged prorated tuition for the remaining months of that semester. 

   ○ Additional materials may need to be purchased as requested in the student's notebook. 


Attendance and Cancellation 

1. Punctuality: 

   ○ Prompt attendance is essential. Time will not be extended for late arrivals. 

   ○ The studio strives to maintain a punctual schedule. 

2. Make-up Lessons: 

   ○ One make-up lesson is provided at the end of the semester for missed lessons. 

   ○ During the Summer semester, up to one make-up lesson per month is allowed. 

   ○ If a student cannot attend multiple lessons, they should arrange to switch schedules with another student. 

   ○ Lessons canceled by the instructor will always be made up at a mutually convenient time. 



   ○ Participation in a recital at the end of each semester is mandatory. 

   ○ Students may participate in additional local music events, such as MTNA competitions, AIM Evaluations, piano

   camps, masterclasses hosted by universities, and other local events.


Parent Participation 

   ○ Parents of students under 18 must attend all private lessons. 

   ○ Parental involvement is crucial for the student's success in music studies. 

   ○ Parents should support and encourage their child's practice and performance. 

   ○ Parents should supervise personalized practice assignments noted in the student's notebook. 

   ○Parents are encouraged to communicate any concerns or questions with the instructor. 


At the Studio 

○ Students should arrive on time, prepared with their assignment notebook and assigned music books. 

○ Online students should ensure their technology settings are calibrated before the lesson starts. 



   ○ Regular lesson attendance and daily practice are necessary for consistent progress. 

   ○ Students should practice at least six days a week for a mutually agreed-upon amount of time each day. 

   ○ The focus should be on the quality of practice rather than the duration. 

  ○ Practice time will increase as the student’s skill level advances. 

   ○ Students should complete assigned technique, repertoire, and written theory homework. 


Recommended Practice Time: 

○ Preparatory Levels: 15 minutes each day 

○ Beginner: 30 minutes each day 

○ Intermediate: 45 minutes to 1.5 hours each day 

○ Advanced: 1-3 hours each day 


Photography, Video, and Publicity 

   ○ The instructor reserves the right to use photos and videos taken during lessons, classes, and events. 

   ○ Photographs and videos featuring students are eligible for publication or public use unless a written request for non-use is submitted by the student or parent/guardian before the media is used.